Bone grafting and sinus lift procedures

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A majority of the implant patients require bone remodelling before or along with the implant placement procedure. A good quality of healthy bone with sufficient width in all three dimensions is a mandatory necessity for the replacement of the missing tooth/teeth with implants. Bone grafting is done to replace the lost natural bone. The indications and the choices of the type of bone graft used varies, form a part of the patients own bone scraped from specific sites in the jaw or a small chunk of bone harvested from certain other parts of the body like the hip bone,to bone graft materials that are harvested from animals and carefully treated so that they can be used in humans. The procedure is very precise and meticulous. It is done under high magnification and sterile settings.

When we need to replace a missing tooth, sometimes the level of the sinus might be too low. This is because the maxillary sinus slowly expands towards the oral cavity as we age. This leads to an insufficient quantity of bone to place a dental implant. This requires delicate and precise elevation of the lining of the floor the maxillary sinus and placement of a grafting material in the space created. The grafted bone slowly converts to near normal bone which thereby provides a good platform for implant placement. It is generally done under local anesthesia by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.