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Why do you need a complete set of teeth?

A healthy set of teeth adorns us with a confident smile, enables us to chew food efficiently and allows us to speak without any difficulties. Whenever a tooth / multiple teeth are removed, the following series of events may occur

  • Smile is affected resulting in a poor appearance.
  • Chewing efficacy is compromised
  • There will be a gradual shrinking of jaw bone in the missing region resulting in a sunken / aged appearance of the individual
  • Neighbouring teeth will migrate into the empty spaceirreversibly, resulting in an altered pattern of teeth bite causing soreness of the jaw muscles and joint.
  • The opposing tooth or teeth may progressively move into the empty space, thus slowly losing its grip in its socket. This might also result in food impaction adjacent to the migrating teeth causing decay, gum problems and eventual tooth loss due to impaired oral hygiene
  • Difficulty in speaking clearly when multiple teeth are removed

Hence replacement of the missing teeth is essential for a healthy and good quality of life. There are several options that can be considered for replacement of removed teeth.

For replacement of single or few missing teeth

  • Implants This is the best near natural tooth replacement option available today. Just like the tooth being pivoted into the jaw bone, similarly this technique involves a simple procedure of placing a titanium screw like prosthesis into the bone. The titanium screw anchorages the ceramic or zirconia crown (Visible portion of teeth seen inside the mouth) and furnishes a pleasing aesthetic appearance.
  • Bridges / Fixed partial denture In this technique, the missing tooth or teeth will be replaced in the form of a bridge acquiring its support from adjacent teeth in the front and back regions. This is the second-best fixed option and can be considered when the patient cannot be given an implant due to any medical conditions or other issues.
  • Removable Cast partial dentures Here a cast metal framework replacesmultiple number of spaces and also a large gap of missing teeth where a fixed solution is questionable.

For a total replacement of all the teeth

  • Implant supported fully fixed denture This is the best option which allows for a fixed complete replacement of teeth with the help of implants. Only the dentist can remove this type of denture.
  • Implant supported semi-fixed complete dentures Using special attachments these dentures are self-retaining. When removable dentures are considered, these dentures which take their support from few bone screwed-in implants have better stability and grip than the conventional ones. They provide good comfort and convenience. They can be removed by the patient while at rest and during day time.
  • Conventional complete denture This technique involves complete replacement of teeth with acrylic resin. This option of tooth replacement can be considered when there is a contraindication for placing implants.