Root canal

The white upper portion of the teeth visible in the mouth is called as the crown. The root portion that follows below the crown strongly attaches the teeth to the underlying bone.

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From the aesthetic point of view a good set of aligned teeth improves the confidence and outlook of the individual. From the health point of view, they make it easier to clean the teeth.

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Replacement of
Missing teeth

Smile is affected resulting in anunesthetic appearance.There will be a gradual shrinking of jaw bone in the missing region resulting in a sunken / aged appearance of the individual

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Smile designing can be used to correct dark or stained teeth, chipped or broken teeth, mild spacing, mild overlapping, over grown gums, mal-shaped and defectively developed teeth.

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Lasers are high energy focussed beams of light used for treating various problems in the oral cavity like any inflammation in the gums, gum reshaping, biopsies etc.

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We have a specialized pedodontist for your child who are qualified and trained to handle the young minds and treat their problems in the most efficient way.

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The new life starts with a confident smile.

We at RNS dental clinic work tirelessly with dedication and precision to gift you back your lost smile and confidence with our team of passionate professionals.



Our teams are adept at dental care and are widely acknowledged and appreciated. The certificates they have received are a testimonial of their achievements.