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We have a consultant Pedodontist for your child who is qualified and trained to handle the young minds and treat their problems in the most efficient way. Your kids’ teeth start erupting at the age of 6 months and the milk teeth start falling out from the age of 6 years. Damage or infection to the milk teeth causes severe pain and swelling, requiring surgical extractions and consequently alignment problems for the erupting permanent teeth. Milk teeth have to be treated at a very early stage of damage to make your child feel comfortable & also avoid serious complications or serial procedures.

The incidence of early childhood caries is greater than the incidence of childhood asthma. Also, any correction in the teeth alignment or mismatched jaw growth can be corrected if diagnosed early. Dentistry for your child is as important as other health care. Starting a dental check-up early for your child promotes a healthy oral care and allows prevention of any infectious diseases to the teeth.