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Root canal treatment

The white upper portion of the teeth visible in the mouth is called as the crown. The root portion that follows below the crown strongly attaches the teeth to the underlying bone. Every tooth houses a soft tissue containing blood vessels and nerves termed as the ‘pulp’. When dental caries/fracture or other related issues cause destruction to the teeth and communicates with the pulp, the teeth cannot be restored with a simple filling. Such a situation calls for root canal treatment by an Endodontist (Root canal specialist)

An Endodontist approaches the diseased pulp through the crown followed by complete removal of thepulp and thorough cleaning and shaping of the pulp tissue space. Now, this clean and sterile empty root canal space will be filled with a biocompatible material, followed by a permanent filling and a crown.

For this intricate work, our Endodontist starts the procedure under local anesthesia with the help of microscopic loupes, apex locators, rotary endodontic instruments and other advanced equipments and materials for aconservative and precise three-dimensional root canal treatment. Thus, root canal treatment aims to save the badly damaged teeth and restore them to its normal functional and esthetic form and thereby stopping unbearable pain and eventual loss of the tooth.