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“Orthodontic treatment – a lot more than just a pretty smile”

Article at a glance:

Not only do beautifully aligned teeth improve the confidence and outlook of any individual but also,

  • Straighter teeth leave no gaps for the food to get stuck and are easier to brush and maintain.

  • Properly aligned teeth also improve the pronunciation, chewing and overall health of the teeth and the individual.

Everything has a place, a position and an alignment in this universeto function at their natural best. Similarly, each tooth has to be placed in its correct three-dimensional position in the jaws with appropriate contact between the adjacent andopposing teeth. This ideal spatial position allows the teeth to function to its maximum potential and last as long as nature permits it to.

Crooked teeth - Reservoirs of food!

In case your teeth are naturally crooked, they provide easy spots for the food to stay and calcify leading to dental plaque and calculus formation between your teeth. This will eventually affect the health of your teeth and gums. Additionally, this causes bad breath and bleeding gums. As the deposits become hard and calcified, they cannot be cleaned with a tooth brush. It requires repetitive professional cleaning from a dentist. Hence,straight and aligned teeth are easier to brush and maintain thereby improving your long-term oral health.

Like a hammer striking a nail!

The tilted teeth are literally useless teeth. As they are not vertical and are pointing in the wrong direction, they have a reduced surface area for chewing thereby diminishing your efficiency to grind the food. Since these teeth are in an unfavourable position to receive the forces of chewing, this might eventually lead to a loss of bone support, weakening of the tooth and an early tooth loss.

Teeth which are forwardly placed tend to dry up and cause difficulty in closing your lips leading to an array of problems. In addition to all of these, when teeth are in their proper position, they function in harmony with your lips, cheek and your tongue, thereby leading to proper pronunciation and speech.So, having a set of pretty teeth has much more to do with your health rather than just a beautiful smile!!!