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“Wisdom teeth: A-Z”
“Part 2: Wisdom-o-phobia?”

Article at a glance:

Getting your wisdom teeth removed isn’t a scary thing at all!

  • Removing wisdom teeth is a painless procedure.

  • You need to rest for 2-3 days after the procedure.

First of all, we understand that it is your first time getting it done and that you are apprehensive about it. But this is the simplest surgical procedure done by an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. For the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon who is trained to fix the bones of the face or move the whole jaw in all three dimensions etc., this wisdom ‘tooth removal’ is actually a very simple, routine and straight forward procedure most of the time. This procedure is routinely done on a daily basis in our center.

Is it painful? Are you worried about the procedure?

Wisdom tooth removal is generally done under local anesthesia and it is a painless procedure. Some post-operative discomfort like swelling may be there. Provided you stick to the regular follow up appointments as instructed and strictly follow our instructions, the post-surgical period will be very comfortable. You are expected to complete all the medications prescribed by your doctor.

How is the procedure done?

In simple words, the surgeon first fully exposes the tooth and then may section the tooth into smaller pieces to facilitate its removal. It is totally different from a normal extraction where you think that the doctor is ‘pulling the tooth’. This procedure is technically different and the surgeon is specially trained to do this procedure in the correct and least invasive way.

Why should I get it done here?

We use the best techniques and drugs to make sure the procedure is painless.Our surgeon has done over a 2000 of these procedures and it is done under a high magnification and special lights so that the procedure is done to perfection.

What are the most important post-surgical instructions to follow?

Never miss the follow up appointments till your sutures are removed. You are more than welcome to take cold food like ice creams and juices. You can place ice packs on your face as instructed by the team, for up to 36-48 hours after the procedure,to limit post-surgical swelling and bleeding. Never spit your saliva or gargle forcibly. Never skip even a single dose of your tablets. In case of any doubts after you leave the hospital, you are expected to call the clinic and get the appropriate advice. Maintain good nutrition and avoid smoking till the doctor declares that the wound has healed sufficiently. So why fear, when we are here!!!!