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Why to align your teeth?

From the aesthetic point of view a good set of aligned teeth improves the confidence and outlook of the individual. From the health point of view, they make it easier to clean the teeth. Properly aligned teeth last longer as they are better equipped to receive the forces of chewing. There are various ways by which teeth can be moved. Our experienced orthodontist does this treatment.

  • Orthodontic Braces:

    Orthodontic braces area proven and effective method to straighten the crowded and misaligned teeth. There are numerous varieties of braces available in the market likemetal, ceramic and self-ligating brackets. Metal braces are the traditional ones. Ceramic braces are tooth colored and have an esthetically pleasing appearance. The self-ligating brackets are available in both metal and ceramic. They have the advantage of more precise alignment of teeth and better oral hygiene maintenance.

    A series of X-rays are taken and depending on the individual patient the orthodontist might suggest to remove a few teeth if necessary. There will be no gap at the end of the treatment as the extra space gained by removing the tooth is used to relieve the crowding or the proclination of the teeth. The orthodontic treatment roughly takes around one year to three years depending on the severity of the problem. After the successful completion of orthodontic treatment, the teeth will be held in this aligned position with the help of a retainer for a specific period of time.

  • Clear aligners:

    Computer designed templates fabricated by 3D printing technology using the latest software designing principles is a good alternative for the traditional braces. These custom-made aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear.They can be placed over your teeth with ease and it does not interfere with your daily routines. It has got an upper hand over the traditional method as there are no metal brackets and wires attached to the teeth.

  • Myofunctional Appliances :

    These appliances harness the natural muscular forces of the jaws and the facial bones to cause movements of both jaws and teeth in growing individuals. If there is a mismatch between the growing jaws, with the help of these appliances the upper and lower jaws can be directed to grow into a more favourable position functionally and aesthetically. Functional appliance can be applied only in young individuals who are at their growing age. Hence, visiting an orthodontist before the age of 8, aids to analyze whether the child requires such a functional appliance for the correction of jaw growth. It immensely helps in simplifying the problem and also the treatment at the later stages.